I am the real Stonedfury

My Virtuemart Module Customers last bought (This loads the products that were also bought with the viewing product) Will only show on the productdetails page.

Stonedfury Skype


PS3 COD: Stonefury_76

WOW: Stonedfury, Stonedmage, Stonedagan, Stonedja

D3: Stonedfury

Yahoo is spam so it's not going on here.

I build websites, maintain them, do some msql, some php, mostly html, css, images and a ton of social media.I maintain many facebook pages, twitter accounts, websites and so on. If you ever interested I tend to have a flat rate and a 72 hour turn around when not busy.

I like Joomla 1.5, 2.5 for a constant CMS. I am familiar with WordPress but it's not my go to. I know some phpBB and about portals for those. I own www.createdperfect.com and it is a logo apparel in the works. mike@createdperfect.com (must answer spam question in reply email or will be blocked by filter)

Cell: 559-350-1181